Neoprene keeps your feet fresh and warm

When we think of neoprene it tends to take a familiar form as wetsuit material – stretchy, spongey insulation sandwiched between layers of fabric. 

The wetsuit quickly became a staple for the surfer as the 70s rolled through, while Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike, was testing his ideas about lightweight running shoes. He believed that each ounce you could take off the shoe would be 55 fewer pounds lifted across a mile – he’d done the math.


The neoprene inner layer is designed to keep your feet warm, in the same way a wetsuit keeps your body warm.These days it’s safe to say that neoprene has moved into the casual sphere and still makes up a huge part of the sneaker world. 

Most of us have experienced the supreme comfort this laminated foam provides, is comfortable, lightweight and fast-wicking. Did you hug your feet today?  


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