Your feet love Memory Foam

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is a substance that is made of polyurethane and other materials that help add to its density. The foot molds itself to the contours of the material due to temperature sensitivity that the foam possesses.

Advantage of Using Memory Foam in Shoes

Memory foam was developed in 1966 under a contract by NASA's Ames Research Center to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. One of the main advantages of using memory foam in shoes is the even distribution of balance. While this helps provide a lot of comfort when used as a pillow or a mattress, you will find that it increases the comfort of the shoe too!

Urbanize Memory Foam TechnologyThe memory foam is designed to ease the pressure that a runner feels on the ball of his foot. For that matter, everyone experiences this pressure even when walking. In addition to this, the memory foam is also designed to provide arch support and to absorb heel shock. Most manufacturers state that it also helps improve the stability of the shoe. This is why shoes with a memory foam insole are popular among people who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis. 

Memory foam shoes are also popular among people whose jobs require long standing hours. Many doctors advocate their use because they take away the stress from the plantar ligament.

 A lot of people who have used these shoes can attest to the fact that they have helped them deal with pain. This is probably the base reason why the shoes have gained popularity.

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