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It doesn't matter who you are, where you are from or where you are going, our shoes fit right in!

An “Urbanizer” has a timeless and liberal spirit and is someone who appreciates functional products for its every day urban lifestyle.

At Urbanize we saw a need for truly comfortable shoes to wear all day with the right style to fit in any situation.With our shoes you can start the day at the office and end up being equally comfortable going out with friends at night without changing footwear. Our shoes are inspired by your active lifestyle, and the idea that style and comfort really can go “hand in hand”.

“Our shoes are a comfortable vehicle for moving around the city”

The City Is Your Move  #WalkTheCity


The design of each model begin with the idea of making a shoe where ergonomics doesn’t come at the cost of aesthetics, always thinking of you and your day-by-day necessities.

However, we know that you, as a "true urbanizer" has something to say and we want to hear it! Your opinion about comfort and design is fundamental and inspire and help us to offer a product that you really need.

We have nothing to hide. We produce in a place where people are happy and put their heart into what they do. Our shoes are produced in Toledo, Spain. Local production allows us to closely monitor the production process as well as being more environmental friendly, using only local resources and short transportation time. This allows us to deliver a high quality product at a reduced price.


Memory Foam


Perfect fitting

Neoprene Liner


Made for walking

Cloud Step System